Organ Regeneration Platform

ROKIT HEALTHCARE is a leading regenerative medicine biotechnology company based in South Korea. We are committed to pioneering medical treatments based on the principles of  3D bioprinting and autologous stem cell use to regenerate and restore functions of human tissues and organs.

  1. ROKIT HEALTHCARE: We develop and supply a technology platform of a bioprinter, bioinks, and protocols to expedite advancement and eventual translation of 3D bioprinting in the operating room.
  2. Organ Regeneration Platform (O.R.P.): ROKIT Healthcare’s O.R.P. is a global initiative seeking to develop clinically relevant kits of 3D bioprinting-based therapies through a supply of technologies, goods, and services.
  3. Organ Regenerator : The promise of customized, human tissue printing provides a safe and effective alternative to organ transplantation and existing drug R&D methods.

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We are a Organ Regeneration Platform company providing a technology platform of a bioprinter, bioinks, and protocols to empower research in 3D fabrication.
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Regeneration Platform

O.R.P is leading an initiative based on open innovation of the Organ Regenerator 4D therapy through a supply of technologies, goods and services.
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Organ Regenerator

Organ Regenerator is one of the most promising solutions currently explored for regenerative medicine as an alternative to organ transplantation.
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our mission
Healthcare Innovation

ROKIT HEALTHCARE is a global healthcare company committed to providing an effective autologous organ regeneration platform using its proprietary biofabrication technologies across all types of applicable diseases in the field of regenerative medicine.

Through a convergence of know-how’s and innovation in the areas of R&D (i.e. 3D bioprinting, autologous stem cell technologies, and human-derived biomaterials), surgical medicine, and regulatory affairs,  ROKIT Healthcare believes in supplying customized organ regeneration platform services that will drastically change the way we trust and manage the health of our own body.

Total Platform
Organ Regeneration & Healthcare Platform

Organ Regeneration Platform ROKIT Healthcare

1. Organ Regeneration

• DFU Platform • LACM factory

2. Human Bio Inks

• HumaTein • INVIVO Gel

Organ Regenerator


4.Healthcare Platform

• Aqua De Folli • NMN • MediTour

5. IPSC by mRNA

• nRNA Kit

6. scRNA / Genome

• DTC / Tarot • scRNA Service • InsureTech
Organ Regeneration Services

We are working to launch clinical kits composed of the bioprinter, software, biomaterials, and medical operation technologies that doctors can use to treat patients in the operating room. Our focus areas of service range from skin, bone, cartilage, and hair regeneration, to heart patch, retina regeneration, and anti-aging cosmetic development. Beyond these focus areas, we invite open innovation of ideas and expertise to bring to light novel tissue and organ regeneration targets.

Organ Regeneration


DFU / LACM / EpiTem
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Organ Regenerator


Dr. INVIVO 4D/4D6 Series
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Human Bio Inks

Bio Inks

HumaTein / INVIVO Gel


Diabetic Foot Ulcers
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mRNA Kit
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ROKIT America

DTC / scRNA / Insuretech
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Hair Regeneration

Aqua de Folli

Hair Booster
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WeSell Hernier

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Hi Bikini
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