Who we are
Made by Nature. Healthcare Innovation by INVIVO.

We, ROKIT Healthcare, endeavor and strive to change the world with our customized artificial organ platforms. We want to provide the safest and effective organ regeneration platform services with our expertise in regenerative medicine. I believe there is a paradigm shift in healthcare economics, and globally, there are needs in new therapeutic methods. Therefore, we would like to become a pioneer in this new paradigm of utilizing autologous cell, cell sheet technology, and 3D biofabrication technology.

I am excited to share our core organ platforms. ROKIT Healthcare will launch platform services in skin regeneration, cartilage regeneration, heart patch regeneration, and retina regeneration. We will provide organ regeneration platforms where physicians can utilize our protocol, machine, material, and patient’s own cell. I believe making organ regeneration possible requires convergence of various technology, and I would like to invite all who wants to become part of this new wave. Please join us to open the new era of organ regeneration!

You, Seokhwan