mRNA derived IPAC

mRNA iPSCs generation (mRNA iPSC)

2 Weeks

mRNA iPSCs 를 이용한 임상적용
with Dr INVIVO 4D

Cell therapy / Human disease Models & mechanisms / Drug discovery

High Cell Viability

Sterilized Environment : H14 HEPA Filter, Air Pressure Filter, UV Lamp.

High Accuracy

Precision : Temperature Control. Step-Motor(350℃ Hot-melting Dispenser, 250℃ Fillament Extruder, -5℃~80℃ Bed and Syringe Dispenser)

Real Multiple Materials

All US FDA Approved Materials : Bioinks, Biopolymers, Ceramics etc.

User-friendly Interface

LCD Touch Screen, Android OS, Wi-Fi

Dual extruding system

In dual extruding system, your printing will be more accurate and precise. We provide extra options for extruding methods and it is easy to replace from one to another.

Green Building

We are so good at constructing the foundations as well as designing.