Printing Service

To give you the best experience of our 4D bioprinter, we provide a sample printing service with materials and a 4D design of your choice. Please tell us about your research scope, desired printing specifications, and design. We will return to you with a printed product and an overview of its printing parameters. The service is free of charge; we just request that you provide us with the materials for printing.

On-line & Off-Line Demonstration

ROKIT and its Certified Distributors are dedicated to providing on-site customized 4D printing demonstrations upon request. Please share in advance with us about your research goals, printing specifications and materials. Once invited to your institute or laboratory, we will send a sales representative and an INVIVO technician to provide on-demand printing services and FAQ sessions.

ROKIT Academy

We provide a seminar both off-line and on-line (much like a TED talk) on 4D bioprinting and its applications that ROKIT’s users have accumulated over the year.<br /> If your group has specific research interests and needs in bioprinting, please inform us and we are able to provide a customized seminar to address your questions about the technology and the research field in conjunction with INVIVO’s capabilities.

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Organ Regeneration Platform

ROKIT Healthcare Organ Regeneration Platform seeks a convergence of five key factors essential for regeneration of functional human tissues and organs.

ECMAutologous Cell

• Human Tissue Bank • Stromal vascular fraction


• Cell Sheet Technology

Other Technology

• Organoid Technolog • Precision Medical Device • Robotics/ AI surgery • Remote Tele-medicine

Growth Factor

• Human-derived autologous material


• Bio- polymers

4D Structure

• 4D Bioprinting • Matri-gel culturing • Sphere formation • Inkjet Bioprinting

INVIVO@Bioinks Series

ROKIT HEALTHCARE is dedicated to providing bioinks that are optimized for human tissue printing through innovation by the finest biomedical researchers and material engineers. Our ideal bioink formulations satisfy material and biological requirements that mimic cellular components found in tissue-specific microenvironments.

Our @AlloECM is a state-of-the-art bio-ink solution based on the cell-sheet technology that replicates the tunable stiffness of the tissue to be differentiated, ensuring optimal regenerative efficacy. Our @FlexOsteo is a novel composite material composed of non-toxic solvents that can potentially be implanted into the human body and can be used to print scaffolds of flexible nature, with great applicability as an implant for ear and nose reconstruction, alveolar bone regeneration, and even breast augmentation surgery.

Our @UHV Alginate, made from a mixture of cytoskeletal extracts of two species of Chilean algae, offers favorable rheological and biocompatible properties that provide an optimal condition for cell types that exhibit synchronous contractions, such as myocardial cells. You could make any kind of tissue with INVIVO@BioInks!

INVIVO@Collagen is made from the major structural protein in the extracellular matrix (ECM) that has also been shown to play a key role in cell signaling. Our @Collagen is medical-grade, designed to meet researchers’ performance and regulatory goals.

INVIVO@UHV Alginate is a low endotoxin, barium -curable, and GMP- compliant bioink that offers a more viscous output than other commercially available calcium-dependent alginate bioinks. It also dries more quickly, reducing fungal infection risks.

INVIVO@GelMa is a photopolymerizable gelatin-based bioink that is comprised of modified natural ECM components. It exhibits tailorable mechani cal properties, good biocompatibility and uniformity, as well as good printability with structural stability.

INVIVO@PF-127 is a non-ionic, polyol surfectant that has been found to facilitate the solubilization of water-insoluble dyes and other materials in physiological media. For the convenience of researchers, it is provided in a 40% (w/v) solution in DW.

INVIVO@AlloECM is made from ROKIT’s proprietary technology that deposits tissue -specific bio-optimized ECM from modulating the Young’s modulus of the polymer substrate on which cells are cultured. / *Custom-made order system


INVIVO@SynOsteo is a novel composite biomaterial composed of 30% β-TCP offering a promising scaffold for bone regeneration.

INVIVO@FlexOsteo is a PCL -hydroxyapatite mixture that can produce scaffolds of flexible nature at RT. It is made of materials compatible with the human body and is applicable in ear/nose/ alveolar bone regeneration and even breast augmentation. / *Custom-made order system


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