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Rokit health care makes inroads in the human…

“Rokit health care makes inroads in the human organ reproduction by establishing Tissue Bank”– ROKIT Healthcare

ROKIT Healthcare, a company that develops human long-term regeneration platform, has been granted permission to establish a tissue bank and is currently undergoing an import approval process from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Rokit Healthcare Tissue Bank will donate and distribute cartilage (costal cartilage) that can be transplanted from a postmortem human tissue donor, and use it for long-term regeneration by transplanting and processing into patients who need transplantation or regeneration. .

Yoo Seok-hwan, CEO of Rokit Healthcare, said, “We will work with human organ bank in the US to resolve the shortage of organ donation in South Korea and receive the approval from the pharmacy to provide patients with organ regeneration and rehabilitation. And we hope that the safe supply of human tissue implants will be boosted.”

“This year will be our milestone as we will contribute to stable supply and demand by securing all the safe, self-derived cells and allogenic biomaterials derived from human body by donating tissues through tissue banks.”