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Heart‐sparing radiotherapy with three‐dimensional printing technology after mastectomy for patients with left breast cancer

Kyungmi Yang MD, Won Park MD, PhD, Sang Gyu Ju PhD, Yoonsun Chung PhD, Doo Ho Choi MD, PhD, Hyejung Cha MD, Ju Young Park MS, Jung Suk Shin MS, Cho Hee Na MS
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effectiveness of electron beam therapy (EBT) with patient‐tailored bolus (PTB) using three‐dimensional printing technology to reduce heart and lung doses during post‐mastectomy radiotherapy (PMRT). For 28 patients with left breast cancer, we designed customized virtual bolus for PMRT to compensate for surface irregularities on computed tomography images and developed optimized plans for EBT. As comparison between the PTB and tangential plans, the PTB plan reduced unnecessary exposure to heart and ipsilateral lung with better target coverage compared with the tangential technique.