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A recyclable CNC-milled microfluidic platform for colorimetric assays and label-free aged-related macular degeneration detection

Samjin Choi(a, 1), Sang Woong Moon (b, 1), Seung Ho Lee (a), Wansun Kim (a), Soogeun Kim (a), Su Kang Kim (c) Jae-Ho Shin (b), Young-Guk Park (d), Kyung-Hyun Jin (b), Tae Gi Kim (b)
We report the development of a simple, low-cost, and eco-friendly stand-alone 3D microfluidic chemical sensing platform capable of colorimetric and biochemical analyses at the same time. The microfluidic cellulose microfiber (μCM) chip was prototyped by injecting 10% CM mixtures on computer numeric control (CNC)-milled substrates. We show that the μCM chip has a 3-fold faster flow rate than conventional microfluidic paper-based analytical devices and is a recyclable platform that could perform basic microfluidic experiments.