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An interview with Heon Ju Lee on ROCKIT Healthcare’s novel bioprinting treatment for dermal scarring

Heon Ju Lee
In this exclusive interview, Heon Ju Lee discusses ROCKIT healthcare’s novel bioprinting technique used to treat patients with dermal scarring. This interview was conducted by Mike Gregg, Commissioning Editor of the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine.Dr Heon Ju Lee is the Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director of ROKIT. He is developing the service platform technology for artificial organ regeneration and supervises the overseas business development for the propagation of such service platforms. The focus of these platforms, bringing bio 3D print-based medical therapies into the operating room, on tissues that are relatively easy to fabricate structurally with the current technology, this includes skin, cartilage, hair, retina and heart patch regeneration. Dr Lee has a PhD from MIT in mechanical engineering and has been working as a 3D/4D printing group leader at KIST.