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Can you make a scapold out of biodegradable polymer material for light tissue?

Instead of melting pellet-type polymeric materials, ROKIT Healthcare’s bio 3D printer INVIVO directly develops, produces, and supplies PLGA, PLLA, and PCL filaments, which are bio-medical filaments produced at GMP facilities (manufacturing licensing facilities such as medical devices and materials). In addition, we will add a variety of biodegradable polymers to our sales lineup.

While melting and printing pellet raw materials with a hot dispenser makes equipment more expensive and difficult to control emissions, the simplest 3D printing method, the FFF method, allows precise and simple 3D printing for bio-medical scapold output with parts anti-pollutiion devices or upgrades using medical-grade parts.

Use hardware and bio-filament materials to draw a constant line width of 0.1mm to easily and comfortably print out the light tissue scapold in three dimensions.