April 10, 2020 by admin 0 Comments

What are the areas where INIVIVO is currently being used (or the research of researchers who are scheduled to purchase)?

First of all, we are very interested in the field of basic research on tissue regeneration or transplantation by creating scaffolds such as skin cells/bone cells/ cartilage cells, and in the field of ENT and veterinary medicine, we also use the printouts to print out the shape of the place to be inserted for transplantation and clinical use.

In Vivo research is being conducted to make artificial skin, and INVIVO is very popular as a test device for research on materials for high value-added bio-material development. In addition, INVIVO is being used in areas where biosensors and biochips are created to view biological reactions or detect harmful bacteria, and there are also many requests for advice from 3D printing equipment and material parts for their research.