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What are the strengths of INVIVO as a bio printer other than the output part?

INVIVO is a machine created by a team of mechanical engineers, software engineers, medical scientists, gene/cell therapists, and a number of organizational engineers and doctors to reflect each other’s needs. So there are some features that are designed to be easy to use in real-world organizational labs and medical labs.

First, INVIVO took HEPA filter with H14 grade and clean bench filter system through air calibration and applied it. In addition, sterilizing function should be expressed while not printing using UV lamp, so that users do not worry about minimal control without putting it in a clean bench. Write as standalone and feel the convenience of INVIVO.

Second, INVIVO has a full-touch screen Wi-Fi touch panel and a Wi-Fi camera for output monitoring so that researchers don’t have to wait and watch in front of a 3D printer while printing. Wireless printing is free by downloading or transferring only stl files to or from the Internet within the touchscreen without a laptop.

Third, an energy stop button is located outside to prevent waste of materials if they make mistakes while printing with consumer’s valuable biomaterials, or if the output is incorrect. You can force the operation to be terminated or turned on in an emergency.