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4-D Human Tissue Engineering with Dr. INVIVO 4D6 🇸🇬/🇲🇾

ROKIT Open Innovation
Combining the Bioprinter, Cell Incubator, and Sterilizer All-In-One
4-D Human Tissue Engineering with Dr. INVIVO 4D6
- 2020. 07. 02. THU. 15:00 PM (GMT+8) -

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Achieving the 3-dimensional architecture is just one of several factors to consider in tissue engineering.
Cell environment factors like the incubation temperature, CO2 level,
and humidity are critical for optimal human tissue and organ development.
Moving beyond dispensing cells and biomaterials with multiple printheads,
Dr. INVIVO 4D6 offers an integrated system to meet clinical needs
in human tissue engineering and its translational applications.

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co-hosted by Global Dr. INVIVO Partners

  • Calia Technology (Singapore & Malaysia)
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4-D Human Tissue Engineering with Dr. INVIVO 4D6
2020.07.02. THU 15:00 PM (GMT+8)
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ROKIT HEALTHCARE is a 4D Bioprinting and Biotechnology company based in South Korea and is committed to bettering humanity through our contributions to the field of regenerative medicine.
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