Anti-Aging Platform
The ROKIT Healthcare Anti-Aging Platform seeks a challenge to the limits of aging prevention.
Key Ingredients

NAD+, IntoCell, Peptide



Anti-Aging Platform

ROKIT America considers aging and regeneration of the human body based on the philosophy that aging is something to overcome rather than a natural phenomenon to be adapted.

The fundamental solution of human aging is to improve the metabolism of cells that have slowed down due to aging.

NMN is the basis for anti-aging effects by activating longevity genes by increasing the concentration of NAD+, the core of cell function.

ROKIT America NMN fulfills your dream of stop the aging.

Anti-Aging Platform

ROKIT Healthcare was concerned about the body’s phenomena such as decreasing calorie consumption and fat accumulation which could be caused by aging.

HI-BIKINI is a dietary supplement composed of garcinia cambogia that help reducing body fat.

In addition, it meets the daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for energy metabolism, to help you live a healthy and energetic life.

Make your body lighter and healthier with HI-BIKINI.

Anti-Aging Platform
Aqua De Folli
  • High content nutrition care

High content nutrition care & Absorption Of Into cell & 7 growth factors

  • Daily care of scalp and hair

Synergistic effects of growth factors Prevent hair loss and promote hair growth

  • Patent Materials

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, anti-aging effects Improves fatigue in the scalp by absorbing patented peptide.

  • Solution for fundamental problem

Containing bioactive ingredient Improve condition of scalp cycle
Maintaining a healthy scalp