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What are the areas where INIVIVO is currently being used (or the research of researchers who are scheduled to purchase)?

First of all, we are very interested in the field of basic research on tissue regeneration or transplantation by creating scaffolds such as skin cells/bone cells/ cartilage cells, and in the field of ENT and veterinary medicine, we also use the printouts to print out the shape of the place to be inserted for transplantation and clinical use.

In Vivo research is being conducted to make artificial skin, and INVIVO is very popular as a test device for research on materials for high value-added bio-material development. In addition, INVIVO is being used in areas where biosensors and biochips are created to view biological reactions or detect harmful bacteria, and there are also many requests for advice from 3D printing equipment and material parts for their research.

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What are the strengths of INVIVO as a bio printer other than the output part?

INVIVO is a machine created by a team of mechanical engineers, software engineers, medical scientists, gene/cell therapists, and a number of organizational engineers and doctors to reflect each other’s needs. So there are some features that are designed to be easy to use in real-world organizational labs and medical labs.

First, INVIVO took HEPA filter with H14 grade and clean bench filter system through air calibration and applied it. In addition, sterilizing function should be expressed while not printing using UV lamp, so that users do not worry about minimal control without putting it in a clean bench. Write as standalone and feel the convenience of INVIVO.

Second, INVIVO has a full-touch screen Wi-Fi touch panel and a Wi-Fi camera for output monitoring so that researchers don’t have to wait and watch in front of a 3D printer while printing. Wireless printing is free by downloading or transferring only stl files to or from the Internet within the touchscreen without a laptop.

Third, an energy stop button is located outside to prevent waste of materials if they make mistakes while printing with consumer’s valuable biomaterials, or if the output is incorrect. You can force the operation to be terminated or turned on in an emergency.

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What other areas can INVIVO be used besides the scanning output for cell reproduction and tissue differentiation?

The output design of the INVIVO is 100mm X 100mm wide and can make it all real, not just a scaffold.

For example, a Korean otolaryngologist from WakeForrest, who bought our printer, is in the final stage of his research to create an ear shape with a texture similar to the actual human body and apply it to the clinical trial.

It can also be applied to a variety of bio-medical fields, such as surgical guides, patient counseling models, and animal laboratory aids for in vitro use.

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Is it possible to apply the materials developed by the researcher?

Yes, research is an act of finding new values, and it’s meaningless for researchers to use only the materials and mechanisms that are set.

ROKIT Healthcare welcomes researchers to upgrade INVIVO and develop and use their own materials. Please make a more valuable and good bio material that the one we’re making now and print it out to get meaningful results.

The goal of the ROKIT Healthcare is to help researchers play the role of INVIVO as a tool to help them bear fruit in a variety of more valuable and creative studies that today’s biomedical researchers have never thought of.

Contact us anytime if you need help with the ROKIT, such as counseling or idea development, in applying various materials with INVIVO.

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Can one output be combined by using two types of nozzle (extruder and syringe dispenser) at the same time?

Yes, it’s possible. When you create two Stl files and designate them as left and right nozzles in the ROKIT INVIVO software, the INVIVO creates a complex three-dimensional file that fits the g-code it entered.

For example, you can use PLGA to create a rigid frame with the outer rim and to create a collagen-filled model of a constant shape inside.

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What materials can be printed with right syringe dispenser?

The syringe dispenser may print collagen, gelatin, hyaluronic acid, silk, etc. that can make soft tissue scaffold or structures, and may require additional options due to different material curing methods. Soft, viscous materials also have a high pressure of 6 bar, allowing the stepping motor to push the syringe piston at least 0.005mm, allowing stable discharge.

INVIVO has built-in light sources with a wavelength of 405nm to create three-dimensional structures using photo catalytic materials.

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Can you make a scapold out of biodegradable polymer material for light tissue?

Instead of melting pellet-type polymeric materials, ROKIT Healthcare’s bio 3D printer INVIVO directly develops, produces, and supplies PLGA, PLLA, and PCL filaments, which are bio-medical filaments produced at GMP facilities (manufacturing licensing facilities such as medical devices and materials). In addition, we will add a variety of biodegradable polymers to our sales lineup.

While melting and printing pellet raw materials with a hot dispenser makes equipment more expensive and difficult to control emissions, the simplest 3D printing method, the FFF method, allows precise and simple 3D printing for bio-medical scapold output with parts anti-pollutiion devices or upgrades using medical-grade parts.

Use hardware and bio-filament materials to draw a constant line width of 0.1mm to easily and comfortably print out the light tissue scapold in three dimensions.

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Can I use INVIVO on a clean bench?

yes, depending on the size of the bench you are using and weight you can support, you can remove the door or the HEPA filter then use it.

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When using two dispensers, can one dispenser have a certain amount of cell seeding in the scaffold using bio-ink with cells?

Using 3D modeling tools, you can create a single scapold design stl file and a cell seeding file in the desired position and combine it into a single file in Creator K to create a dual print for that purpose.

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Can I use only the dispenser syringe that is provided from the ROKIT Healthcare?

The standard mounting system recommends using the provided syringe.

However, we are considering a plan to diversify the types of mounting depending on demand so that we can make the most of the existing syringes that are frequently used.