World 1st Regeneration Platform

Innovative protocol to treat diabetic foot ulcer patients all over the world using cutting-edge 4D Bioprint technology in real-time operating theater.

No Enzyme, No Incubation, No Centrifugation
100% Epithelialization
Autologous MA-ECM
Short Treatment
High Cell Viability
Diabetic Foot Ulcer
New Paradigm Shift for Biopharma Industry

ROKIT’ 4D Organ Regeneration Platform promises revolutionary 4.0 tech with a new value chain.

Providing automatic 4D bioprinting technology with minimally manipulated autologous Nano-fat to treat DFU patients in short time period at operating theater.

Rokit have proven efficacy of our platform by clinical trials and spreading our vision world widely to decoupled the supply chains of existing to let more patient benefit our innovative platform.

No Immune Rejection

No Clinical Trials

Decoupled Supply Chains

Figure 1

Fig. 1 Histological qualification of skin reconstruction

After the process of skin wound healing for 14 days, MA-ECM treated wound area has more effective reconstructed epidermal and dermal structure compared to non-treated wound area (H&E staining)


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