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Reconstructed Human Skin Model

4D bio printing has been an inevitable driving
force in the 4th industrial revolution.
It is leading the next generation medical paradigm
shift as a core technology.
As a pioneer, ROKIT Healthcare is constantly developing
disruptive applications in the 4D bio printing industry.
One example of this isthe human reconstructed skin model.

4D Bioprinting system
Human Epidermis model

Rokit’ reconstructed human skin model has designed
on a well based product developed with 4D bioprinting
technology together with fully-defined culture condition.

Advantage of Epitem

There are advantages of convenient and cheap to use ROKIT’Reconstructed
Human Skin Model on toxicological test of any chemical and/or cosmetically raw materials instead of using animals.

How's process
4D Bioprinting Epidermis System

Rokit’s human skin model is a three-dimensional live cell epidermal &
dermal system that printed by layering cells and biomaterials according
to the native structure of skin.

Rokit’s human skin model offers a cost-effective, on-demand way to test drugs and cosmetics on human tissues. Ready to use!


Epidermis human skin model


Full-thickness human skin model

Reference Data
May 27, 2020

로킷헬스케어, `인공피부 생산 플랫폼` 공급 계약

인간 세포 활용 인체 유사 피부조직 제작해 활용 가능 화장품·화학물질 개발 기업의 동물실험 등 대체 기대 글로벌 바이오 전문기업 로킷헬스케어는 자사 바이오 3D프린팅 기술을 활용한 인체피부조직을 구현하는 자체 개발 인공피부 생산 플랫폼 ‘ROKIT EPITEM(로킷 에피템, 이하 ‘에피템’)을 론칭하고 국내 5대 기업 중 한 곳인 A사 산하 연구소와 공급 계약을 체결했다고 22일...


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