Whole ECM: HumaTein™

ROKIT Healthcare confronts the current bio markets’ limits and problems and provide the best solution.

HumaTein™ is a human primary cell culture derived whole Extracellular Matrix (ECM). This enables researchers, pharmaceutical companies and other corporates to apply their researches to actual patients, products, and studies.

Human Cell-Derived
Whole ECM isolated from human primary cells, including fibroblast, Mesenchymal Stem Cell, and more
Easy Handling
Lyophilized power / liquid from that requires minimum temperature handling process
Based on your cell choice, you can order customized ECM

ROKIT Healthcare is dedicated to providing bioinks that are optimized for human tissue printing through innovation by the finest biomedical researchers and engineers.

INVIVO-Bioinks are photopolymerizable gelatin- based bioink. It shows good biocompatibility and uniformity, as well as good printability with structural stability