About EpiTem
Reconstructed Human Skin Model

EpiTem is reconstructed human epidermis model by culturing human keratinocytes on a chemically defined medium.
EpiTem is highly differentiated, where all four epidermal layers can be clearly seen and the OECD TG439. qualifies
As an alternative to animal testing, EpiTem can be used for testing cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceuticals and skin research testing.
EpiTem also has epidermis models reflecting race differences, and customized models are available based on a customer’s requests.

4D Bioprinting system
Human Skin Equivalent

ROKIT Healthcare’s reconstructed human skin model has designed on a well based product developed with 4D bioprinting technology together with fully-defined culture condition.

About EpiTem FT
Full-thickness Human Skin Equivalent

EpiTem FT is a full-thickness human skin equivalent (HSE) produced by the 3D bioprinting technology.
It recapitulates multi-layered dermis and epidermis of the human skin using human epidermal keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts.
The standard EpiTem FT is contained in 12 mm-diameter culture inserts, but the well size can be customized.

About EpiTem FT
Dr. INVIVO Derma

ROKIT Healthcare’s human skin model is a three-dimensional live cell epidermal & dermal system
that printed by Derma Kit according to the native structure of skin.

Derma Kit

EpiTem Kit provides a unique solution to build your own human skin equivalent in the controlled settings of your lab.

ON-DEMAND : Combine ROKIT Healthcare’s Bioinks, Media, and standardized Protocol to create human skin tissues whenever you need them.

CUSTOMIZED : With the ability to control cell types (donor ethnicity, genetically modified cells, cancer, etc.) and tissue sizes, custom-made skin tissue assays that meet exact your research needs and budget.

REPEATABLE : Create quality tissue samples with reproducibility of the advanced technology.

Derma Printing Process
Derma Printing Video
EpiTem Product List

ROKIT Healthcare’s human skin model offers a cost-effective,
on-demand way to test drugs and cosmetics on human tissues. Ready to use!

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