ROKIT Healthcare’s custom fabrication technologies deliver on-demand solutions – to design, creation, and applications of three-dimensional systems. Across biomedicine and industry, ROKIT Healthcare provides an integrated offering of hardware, software, and applications support through its R&D community. Bring a new dimension to your work and make it truly yours.

Custom Fabrication
Dr. INVIVO Series

ROKIT Healthcare is dedicated to a convergence of key factors for regeneration of functional bioprinted human tissues and organs:

· Autologous cells
· Extracellular matrix
· Tissue-specific biomaterials
· 3D environment
· 4D curved printing

Dr. INVIVO, a clean-chamber custom bio-fabrication series, allows researchers to achieve combination of all factors above to pattern human tissues using all ranges of materials. From cells and hydrogels to filaments and pellets, Dr. INVIVO helps researchers study both soft and hard biological systems.