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A portable, low-cost, 3D-printed main magnetic field system for magnetic imaging

Iksung Kang
In this paper, a portable, low-cost, 3D-printed system for main magnetic field is proposed to suggest a solution for accessibility problems of current magnetic imaging systems, e.g. MRI scanner, their size and cost. The system consists of twelve pairs of NdFeB N35 permanent magnets arranged in a Halbach array in a 3D-printed, cylindrical container based on FEM simulation results by COMSOL Multiphysics 4.4b. Its magnetic field homogeneity and field strength were measured by Hall sensors, WSH-135 XPAN2 by Wilson Semiconductor, and the container was printed by 3DISON H700 by Rokit. The system generated a 5-mm imaging quality FOV and main magnetic field of 120 mT with a 12 % error in the field strength. Also, a hundred dollar was enough for the manufacture of the system with a radius of 6 cm and height of 10 cm. Given the results, I believe the system will be useful for some magnetic imaging applications, e.g. EPRI and low-field MRI.