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An active learning approach to investigate the ecosystem of tide flats using 3D modeling and printing

Seung-Hyuk Kwon, Yeong-Ji Lee & Yong-Ju Kwon
This paper presents an active learning approach that focuses on practical investigation of the ecosystem of tidal flats using 3D modeling and printing for biology students in order to enhance understanding of natural selection. The learning approach for the study followed a 5-step procedure: i) learning about 3D modeling and printing, ii) exploration of the ecosystem of tidal flats, iii) 3D designing of a bird beak, iv) 3D printing of a constructed beak, and v) a natural selection simulation activity. The learning method presented in this study centered on active student exploration of the tidal flats ecosystem using 3D modeling and printing. The learning approach presented in this paper could be implicated at schools to aid in students’ understanding of natural selection as it allows students to firsthand examine simulation changes to a bird beak and benthic communities. This study suggested the active learning method for natural selection as it incorporates student-designed exploration and direct investigative appraisal of the selection process.