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Heat capacity variables of thermoplastic polyurethane for high-quality 3D printing resolution and their characteristics

Kyung Seok Kang, Chanhyuk Jee, Ji-Hong Bae, Hyo Jin Jung, PilHo Huh
The preparation of TPUs base balanced by an intelligent mix of ductility and hardness for the 3D printing systems is successfully synthesized. The larger heat capacity leads to an increase in interfacial adhesion or compatibility between the laminating layers, which could offer the good tensile strength and ductility for the 3D printing. The precisely formulated TPU has the sufficient increase in heat capacity. This work is to determine a suitable soft/hard ratio for optimizing the hot-melt 3D printing system. The precise design of TPU provide a novel perspective to produce higher resolution-quality in the 3D printing polymer field.