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Emerging Business Models Toward Commercialization of Bioprinting Technology

Yakov M. Balakhovsky, Alexander Yu. Ostrovskiy, Yusef D. Khesuani
After breaking out from the confines of purely academic research, 3D bioprinting technology is quickly developing as a commercial industry and exhibiting the qualities of a mature market with immense potential. We are currently witnessing not only growth in the number of companies and their geographical reach, but also the market’s segmentation. The main models of 3D bioprinting technology commercialization seem to be selling bioprinters and bioinks, services of bioprinting 3D functional tissue constructs – including for drug discovery and disease modeling – selling software, and technological consulting. As the industry advances, so does the legal regulation of the relevant issues. A number of companies are already successfully monetizing the technology and are able to raise financing through various paths. In the near future, we should expect the start of industry consolidation. At this stage of the technology development, rivalries within the industry do not represent a significant threat. The industry is currently characterized by stakeholders joining efforts in order to expedite its advancement and reach the commercial application stage. To accomplish this, the industry must overcome a number of significant hurdles, including achieving the standardization of bioprinting methods, software, and materials.